Quick Motivation: Short Story of a kid > Big Picture | 4Jan18

Quick Motivation: Short Story of a kid > Big Picture | 4Jan18
Quick Motivation: Short Story of a kid > Big Picture | 4Jan18

4 January, 2018


I’ll try to make this article a really quick as I know, how busy we are in our daily work.

Yesterday I was just sitting having a cup of coffee at my home watching my nephew who is 1.3yrs old, playing around.

Children have this habit, even I had one of twirling around and falling down, he was doing the same and was crying every time he was falling down. My grandfather noticed him and did something which amazed me with the outcome.

Everytime the nephew was falling he started boosting him saying wow now clap stand up twirl again, he did again fall down, grandfather repeated the same words, “you did a great job clap for yourself and twirl around.”

This process happened for 4-5 times and gradually the nephew made this habit: he was twirling, falling down, laughing at himself, clapping and then repeating the process.

It made him full of joy. And he started enjoying it.

Same happens with our life and work. We fall we become sad, full of negative thoughts and give up or carry on the same with no hope.

You should get up, laugh at yourself, clap in private :), just carry on with full of energy.

Letting go the negative thoughts is the beautiful way of achieving good heights in life.

Your inner-self is the grandfather of this story who will motivate you, just stick to it and move on, don’t let the negativity circle around in your mind for long. Even if it comes just watch laugh at it and let it go you will see it was just a thought nothing else.

Choice is always yours to think negative and become low of energy or be positive and feel full of energy. When this habit becomes your way to live life, you can do wonders with yourself and people around you. Always believe in yourself. You can be your biggest enemy or best friend. Choice is yours and will always be.






Hope it helped you to pump up and start a day with excellent energy, full of can-do positive attitude.

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